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We understand that you have a strong desire to remove collections, charge offs, late payments, evictions, negative student loan remarks and more from your credit report! At Tinae’s Wealth Management, we assist our clients throughout the credit repair process by disputing derogatory remarks and offering recommendations that could better serve the client. As part of our service, we also send validation and good will (late payment) letters on behalf of our clients. Lastly, we NEGOTIATE debts! This is a major advantage for us being that many credit repair companies DO NOT provide this service. For assistance with credit repair services, contact us today to get started!



We understand that investment education is vital and we plan to make it easy for you by assisting throughout the learning process. 
We help our clients set up brokerage accounts, online Treasury Accounts, High Yield Savings accounts, and more! This is perfect for who are not only looking to save but also in need of long-term investment opportunities! 
At Tinae’s Wealth Management, we teach a variety of different styles consisting of stock and options trading, Cryptocurrency, Forex, bond funding, and more. To learn more about what we offer, send us a message or subscribe below to keep up with our latest updates! Also, feel free to check out our podcast by clicking the links below.



At Tinae’s Wealth Management, we understand that there is a need for personal loans to cater our wants and needs. We are making it easier to get access to funds by allowing our clients to have the opportunity to apply for our personal loan!
There are a few requirements:
1) There is a soft credit check through Experian
2) You must submit a copy of proof of income
3) You must submit a copy of Driver’s License
4) $20 application fee to apply (processing)
If interested, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! 

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Contact Da’zjon Tinae (owner) at (904) 708-8082 or text Stanley Warren, Credit Specialist, at (407) 412-4505. Keanu Tinae, Credit Specialist, at (912) 980-3742.