We understand that you have a strong desire to remove collections, charge offs, late payments, evictions, negative student loan remarks and more from your credit report! At Tinae’s Wealth Management, we assist our clients throughout the credit repair process by disputing derogatory remarks and offering recommendations that could better serve the client. As part of our service, we also send validation and good will (late payment) letters on behalf of our clients. Lastly, we NEGOTIATE debts! This is a major advantage for us being that many credit repair companies DO NOT provide this service. For assistance with credit repair services, contact us today to get started!


Tinae’s Wealth Management & Credit Consulting is also an affiliate of where we are able to offer secured credit cards, rental reporting, auto loan refinancing and credit builder loans to our clients. We make it OUR DUTY to serve our clients with THE MOST EFFECTIVE trade lines that can boost FICO scores.

We offer a number of different credit cards which consist of Green Dot, First Progress, Capital Bank, Total VISA, and more!

We also offer rental reporting for those who actively pay rent and wish to report the payments to the credit bureau. A major perk is that the creditors CAN report your positive payment history from up to two years in the past! This will help your credit tremendously if you need an effective trade line to improve your creditworthiness.

Lastly, we offer credit builder loans which consist of SelfLender and Credit Strong. Both of these programs allow the user to simply save monthly payments in exchange for positive payment history with the Credit Bureaus. If you are an individual who is looking to establish credit or at least rebuild their FICO, then I would suggest taking a look at our affiliate programs below!
We believe that we can help get your credit to the next level!



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