Da’zjon Tinae is a Graduate of St.Andrews University where he obtained his B.A. in business administration in 2016 and his MBA in 2017. Da’zjon has a combined 10 years of experience working in banking, credit consulting, ATM operations, commercial loan lending, & more. As the face of TWM, Da'zjon exemplifies a strong level of passion which has led him to publish two books, “Life, Finances, & Opportunity” and “The Essentials of Good Credit”. 

Da’zjon gained interest in finance, credit & investments during his early years in high school where he was able to successfully complete his investment planning career pathway. His passion for finance is also marketed on a number of social platforms consisting of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. He has also featured on “Surviving life Podcast” where he was able to educate a broad audience on the importance of good credit.

As a business consultant and credit advisor, Da'zjon has gained a wide range of experience working alongside non-profit organizations, a fitness company, and catering business , while also maintaining a satisfied client base. As a young entrepreneur, Da'zjon has began to rise to stardom in the Jacksonville, FL area.


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